Memorial on Tower Green

Memorial on Tower Green

This picture was taken in the Tower of London on the Tower Green.  It is right in front of the chapel of St. Peter Ad Vincula and is on the site where the scaffold was supposedly located.  It was there that two of Henry VIII’s wives were executed- Anne Boleyn in 1536 and Catherine Howard in 1542.  The Lady Jane Grey, sometimes referred to as the Nine Days’ Queen, was also executed there.  When Edward VI, the only son of Henry VIII, was king, he named Jane Grey to be next in line for the crown instead of his sisters.  Edward died young in 1553 and Jane became queen, although it was only for nine days before she was overthrown and imprisoned.  She was eventually executed in 1554.  All three women are buried in the chapel.

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

This photo was taken in the nave of Salisbury Cathedral.  The church, sponsored in part by Henry III, was founded in 1220 and completed around 1266.  It was built in the Early English Gothic style.  The two shades of marble and stone, along with the Gothic arches and ribbed vaulting are characteristics of this style.  The cathedral houses an original copy of the Magna Carta, although the royal seal is no longer attached to it.

The Murder of Thomas A Becket

The Murder of Thomas A Becket

This is a beautiful box enameled with a depiction of Thomas a Becket’s murder in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170 and his funeral. It was made in France around 1180 in memorial to him and at one point could have held a relic associated with Thomas. Thomas Becket was Chancellor and Archbishop of Canterbury for Henry II. The two couldn’t get along after Thomas became Archbishop. Supposedly four of Henry’s knights took it upon themselves to get rid of Thomas- as seen on the box.

From the Victoria and Albert Museum
London, England